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#9667489 Jun 23, 2014 at 08:15 AM
Starlight Muso
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Hello all you rockers :)

I just wanted to give a brief outline of what will happen on the day/s so we are all singing from the same ABC sheet.

At around 11:55am, I will welcome everyone to Rockfest and give a brief outline to the audience of what is to come, point out any merchants that may be milling about, and then introduce the first band. Between bands I will do the customary quick thank yous and introduce the next band.

If each bands could be to the side of the stage area and ready to come on that would be great :)

On arrival to the venue, can each band use the /backstage channel to let me know they are there. I will also use this channel to check that bands are ready and remind when time slots are coming to an end. For bands new to Landroval, to join the channel it is /joinchannel /backstage

In the event that any bands don't turn up, I will offer the bands either side of their slot the choice of an extra half hour each, or open the stage up for an 'open mic' session.

Thats it! I've kept it familiar and simple, lets have some fun!!!!
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