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Starlight Muso
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Hello :)

Thought I would share my tips for reducing lag. Sometimes putting everything on super low and staring at your feet throughout an entire performance isn't enough! This is mainly aimed at reducing lag while playing at a big music event such as Weatherstock or Rockfest, but will also help those attending. The game won't look pretty, It's all about the music!

Most people know what causes lag in online games but there is a nice explanation here if you want it;

Quick explanation - the more information the game tries to display for you from other players actions, emotes, clothes and armour, sounds etc the more likely it is that information will get lost across the internet as it is funnelled through the upstream. Add to this your PC's graphics card trying to process the graphic information and you have lag. This is why the less you have going on on your screen, the less lag you *should* experience.

Events such as Weatherstock will always produce lag because of the sheer numbers of players, but you can reduce it in some obvious and some not so obvious ways.

If you want to see which options have the greatest effect, hit ctrl+f in game to display FPS. This will go up as you make changes and the higher the better.

Lotro Options Menu.


Turn graphics down to 'very low' (this will automatically change most settings but there are still some we can adjust further)
Turn 'Ambient Light' all the way down.

Adv Graphics

Object Draw Distance - 'Low'
Texture Detail - 'Very Low'
Texture Filtering - 'Trilinear'
Player Mesh Combining - Uncheck
Texture Cache Size - Slide all the way up to 1.0
Player Crowd Qaulity - Slide all the down to 0


Turn all volume sliders down to 0 apart from Master Volume and Player Music. If you still want to hear emotes (cheering etc) then leave Sound Effects turned up to about a 3rd.
If you are playing with alts, then have your main players Focus Loss Behaviour as 'Persist Sound' and your alts as 'Disabled'. If it is just one player then leave as is.
Quantize Player Music - Checked
Low Latency Mode - Unchecked
(These last 2 are important for anyone who synch plays music).

UI Settings

Floating Information - may not make much difference but every little helps. Go through the list and un-tick everything you can live without seeing.
Special Effects - uncheck all
Radar Animation Smoothing - uncheck

Social Options

Enable Involuntary Emotes - uncheck
Disable Cosmetic Pets - check


The more cosmetics you wear, the more information needs to be sent to every other player who sees you. So try not to have every slot visible. If you can do without a hat and cloak, gloves, hand held cosmetics or back packs, even boots, this will help collectively to reduce lag.

Other Visual Effects

Minstrels can help by changing stance so they don't have glowing hands
All classes with visually pleasing effects can help by resisting the temptation to surround the band or players with green auras ;)

Next post will be PC side tinkering to increase memory etc.

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