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Thank you for agreeing to play at Rockfest 2016. Here is some practical info for the day.

Please be ready in good time. Assign someone as contact to staff, and have them /joinchannel rockfest2016backstage - use this channel to talk to staff. Please let us know when your band is present and ready (at least ½ hour before you're scheduled).

In case someone gives you problems, do not feed the trolls. Let the staff know about it and we will handle it.

Previous Rockfests have been very relaxed concerning keeping the schedule. This year, we cannot do that, as there is another event at the same venue starting shortly after our Sunday programme, and the same may happen for the Saturday schedule.

So I ask that you take care to keep your performance within roughly 55 minutes and to help keeping your band's slot including entering/leaving the stage and being introduced within a time span of one hour. Unfortunately there will be little possibility of extending your time in case of disconnects, server crashes and whatnot.

Someone from staff will briefly introduce each band. You can send us an introductory text via the Rockfest 2016 forums ( - use PMs if you like) or just trust us to introduce you based on what we know already or stuff we make up.

Good luck,and let's rock them!
This message will also been sent to representatives of each band.
Toadflax Nosely, 1 Brookbank Street, Oldfurlong, Shire Homesteads, Laurelin
Also sometimes on Belegaer, Crickhollow & Landroval. On Landroval using Cymbalaria Nosely for a traveling name.
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