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As a rule, one should not feed the trolls, yet it sometimes becomes necessary for reasons of self defense.

Yesterday there was a defacing attack on the Rockfest forums, about a score posts promoting the so-called "Rockfest Revisited" and attempting to set up signup points for their next event.

The forums are an important part of Rockfest's communication and co-ordination setup, and we will not permit it to be defaced and/or appropriated by others.

The use of the Rockfest name for the "Rockfest Revisited" event took place without the Rockfest staff being asked (and had we been asked, we would have objected). You'd think people who run their own events, and have their own bands and characters, should know better than try and create a precedent for name squatting. But now the djinn is out of the bottle.

Sadly, yesterday's attack posts were done using the nick and the social media profile picture of the RL partner of one Rockfest organiser. So now the trolls are going after us, and our loved ones, personally. Which only goes to remind us all never to give out personal information to strangers on the Internet.

It is likely that yesterday's attack was carried out by some of the "Rockfest Revisited" group (which I believe more or less consist of those musicians who performed at "Rockfest Revisitied"). This can neither be proved nor disproved. They will likely proclaim their innocence. However, there is Occam's Razor: the attack is in the same vein as the trolling and menacing campaign carried out by these people over these past several weeks.

These people are not welcome at the Rockfest forums. Any further posts by them will be deleted. Also, "Rockfest Revisited" and indeed any event organised by these trolls are off topic for the Rockfest forums as of now.
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