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#13692695 Mar 13, 2018 at 04:00 PM
Hobbit Miscellaneous
I would like to say we were grateful to get the chance to perform here. It was our first performance as a band. I agree with Miamo and Halgoreth about new bands. From a new band perspective: There are so many bands, and when you go to Landy to start one you get encouraged to see that music is so popular there. As time continues, you realize that if you are lucky enough to get chosen for some of the larger events - that may be the only time you will get to play. Most all of the prime time slots on the regular calendars are taken (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Some of them are taken until 2020. LOL. Some for many hours each week. You can always play down the street if you chose to, but mostly you will not get much crowd participation. There goes that left out feeling someone mentioned in their post. There are not going to be many new bands make it there because of this - unless they are reforming from a former band that is in the regular dominant lineup. Eventually things are going to get stale. There will be no new entertainment. I can't begin to say how many I have seen come and go in the few years I was there that didn't make it, or ended up going to other servers. Just trying to make a point here - give a new perspective from someone who has experienced it. We had a regular scheduled time for awhile and would frequently show up and someone else would be playing. Bands that plan their own events have their own agenda and never expand beyond that. Landy to us did not seem 'new band friendly'. Especially if you popped out of nowhere and knew no one. Having been in it for several years now, we moved on to other servers. Our love is for music, and we wish to go where we can play it the most unhindered and most appreciated. Landy was not entirely a positive experience for us.
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