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[Pinned] On the defacing of the forums by "Rockfest Revisited"

As a rule, one should not feed the trolls, yet it sometimes becomes necessary for reasons of self defense.Yesterday there was a defacing attack on the Rockfest forums, about a score posts promoting the so-called "Rockfest Revisited" and attempting...
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[Pinned] Keep it civil,please.

Regrettably it has become necessary to post a reminder to maintain good forum etiquette:Please keep a civil tone on these forums.If you disagree with something and wish to discuss the matter, fine! Listening to the views of others is a learning ex...
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Signing In

Hi all this is Drummor from the Dulcet Tones - just checking in :)Drum
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Rockfest keeps on truckin' under new management!

As you may already know, Calanne, the organiser of previous Rockfests, have retired from LOTRO.Rockfest will continue with me as Voluntary Chief Organiser. I intend to eggsperiment with the format, so who knows what might happen, but rest assured ...
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someone unplugged the amps

Quiet. . .too quiet. . .stay alert! . . I think something's about to---aaaaaahg!
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HORRORFEST 2015 - Night of The Huorns LIVE

# Boys and girls of every age ## Wouldn't you like to see something strange? ## Come with us and you will see ## This, da Bugans Kinhouse ## This is Halloween, this is Horrorfest ## Pumpkins scream in the dead of night ## This is Horrorfest, every...
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horrorfest 2015 ??

Hey.. are you planning a this year horrorfest?Palantorio/ Palwyn of Notenzauber
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Reducing Lag

Hello :)Thought I would share my tips for reducing lag. Sometimes putting everything on super low and staring at your feet throughout an entire performance isn't enough! This is mainly aimed at reducing lag while playing at a big music event such ...
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Starlight plays The Doors

Yeah!A great time with Starlight this Sunday May 10th 2015 on Landroval's Bree stage!Starlight plays The Doors Part. 1Starlight plays The Doors Part. 2Open the doors!Zed'P.S. Here are two tools to upload vids and put them later on Youtube channel ...
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Calanne & The Andune Ensemble plays Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album

Yoohoo!* Bara's streaming : LMB 7th Anniversary 2015 on Landroval - Part OneThe Andune Ensemble & Calanne plays Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album - Sunday March 29th 2015 - LOTRO - LandrovalZed'roar'Rock[/url]
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Hiya!Welcome to our 1rst Rock Battle in the PARK!!!Time to A.L.E to meet P.I.EROCK The PARK presents you : 1rst Battle of the ALES & PIES1rst Round : P.I.E versus Bara BahauCome On at the Bree Park, in front of the Jail, this Wednesday, Novemb...
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notenzauber and friends...Concert in December 2014

Something completly diffent now :)
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The unofficial theme song for Weatherstock VI

Many bands!All are awesome!Some are tricky rocks!Notenzauber and Floradine present:The unofficial theme song for Weatherstock VI:Dance Now WeatherstockDance Now, Weatherstock!Let's go!Zed'Rock
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Cows like music

I am not making any comparisons between this and playing in the Craft Hall. Not at all.
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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