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Rockfest 2016

After the Fact

I would like to say we were grateful to get the chance to perform here. It was our first performance as a band. I agree with Miamo and Halgoreth about new bands. From a new band perspective: There are so many bands, and when you go to Landy to sta...
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Rockfest 2016

Rockfest 2016 - It's a New Dawn! September 17 - 18, Landroval

Preparations for Rockfest 2016 are under way.The schedule for this Rockfest is almost full already, and hence there will be little or no opportunity to sign up to play. I ask your understanding in this matter which is partly due to commitments mad...
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Rockfest 2016

Source The Motto Contest - The Answer

There was a contest to see if anyone could guess the source for this Rockfest's motto, 'It's a New Dawn'Several people sent in answers:Mr. Miamo, Mr. Charnotorin/Charnota and Ms. Nutmegan and I hope I didn't forget anyoneAnd I learned this phrase ...
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Rockfest 2016

Rockfest 2016 captured LIVE

Hi there!Such a great Rockfest Edition!Weird, not always very rocky but all bands were amazing!Thank you all! We salute you! \m/All links for bands in LIVE on BaraZineYoutube vids courtesy of Hollyberye.Streaming vids by Bara Funda 'Goblins Killer...
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Rockfest 2016

Rockfest 2016 Schedule and Signup Thread

It was the idea from the start to show migrants and newcomers some love while on the other hand also having some of the well-established bands. Hence Rockfest 2016 brings you bands large and small, known and not so known, from many servers and fr...
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Rockfest 2016

"Polnolunie" Rockfest 2016 Playlist

If anybody interested - our playlist for Rockfest 2016: Polnolunie Rockfest 2016 Playlist
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Rockfest 2016

Rockfest 2016 - Practical Info to Bands

Thank you for agreeing to play at Rockfest 2016. Here is some practical info for the day.Please be ready in good time. Assign someone as contact to staff, and have them /joinchannel rockfest2016backstage - use this channel to talk to staff. Please...
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Rockfest 2016

Rockfest 2016 - Poster

Oyez! Ho! Yeah!Time to make a poster, with bands names and time slot.So, FIRST, I need your logo-bandnames, like the past years. - - (click to enlarge)Here are those i already have :Others, you can make your own and send it, or you can choose one...
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