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Rockfest 2020


I'm very sorry to say that ROCKFEST 2020 is cancelled. This is due to real life responsibilities getting in the way and I simply wont be available that weekend now. There are many amazing events also occurring on various servers so I feel the spir...
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Rockfest 2020

[Pinned] ROCKFEST 2020 Schedule

Hi all, this the first draft schedule, please respond to this thread to confirm your slot, thank you!Friday 1pm - 1:55pm Galdwens Bunch of Misfits2pm - 2:55pm Skarn3pm - 3:55pm Arda4pm - 4:55pm The Teedee's5pm - 5:55pm The Gallic Frogs Band6pm - 6...
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[Pinned] Sign Ups
Rockfest 2020

[Pinned] Sign Ups

Date has been set for 28th, 29th 30th August, 2020. This is a little earlier than I hoped, however there are so many other wonderful 'big' events going on towards the end of the year, I felt it prudent to bring it forward to late August.Please use...
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Rockfest 2020

ROCKFEST 2020 general discussion

Please use this thread for any questions or suggestions, or just random rockfest chitty chat :)
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Rockfest 2020

Art & Flyers - Proposals

Sup' Rockheads !If you have ideas or pictures to share for Rockfest 2020 ...... Do it!
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