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Manakeep 728x90


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Country: United States
State/Province: Dunland
City: Swanfleet
''Umborth! Trenghi! Khinio! Rhost khig!''

Details about this Hobbit are relatively unknown, with the exception of some observational points...

- Doesn't Wear a Mask
- Professional Fisherman
- Addicted to Pipe-weed
- Enjoys heavy binge drinking
- Keeps his boots polished and always conceals a knife.
- Has an uncanny knack for understanding the secret language of Khuzdul.
- Reputedly the member of a small gang. "da Bugans"
- Frequently sings and plays drums.
- Thinks Pies are Cookies in disguise...

"You are a very strange Hobbit, my friend. Hoom." - Mossbeard, Third-Age
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