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Toadflax Nosely

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Toadflax Nosely at your service!

I roleplay to the 'realities' of the game above 'The Lore' - any Monty Python reference is, however, fully consistent with the Lore and thus acceptable in the game.

Toadflax Nosely of Laurelin, also traveling on Belegaer, Crickhollow and Landroval (on Landroval I use Cymbalaria Nosely for a traveling name).

My time zone is CET (approximately November to March), CEST the rest of the year
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Toadflax Nosely, 1 Brookbank Street, Oldfurlong, Shire Homesteads, Laurelin
Also sometimes on Belegaer, Crickhollow & Landroval. On Landroval using Cymbalaria Nosely for a traveling name.